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Christian High School is a place where students discover their talents, what motivates them, and what inspires them. During the high school years, our students make deep connections with their teachers and their peers. They become part of a tight-knit community committed to learning about, and serving God. Our high school curriculum includes literature, history, biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, and language. Innovative electives, experiential components, and technology bring the material to life. Smaller classes encourage continual interaction, sharing of ideas, and allows teachers to establish a rapport with each student. 

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High School Academics

Christian High School has the power to reshape the minds of students and has done so for many of the students in our class. Though it is difficult, the rigor in the academics Christian High School provides helps to develop integrity, grit, and wisdom within its students, which are needed to have success after graduation. The teachers make it an enjoyable and highly interactive learning environment. They strive to not only teach the material to the students, but to help them truly understand the inner workings of the topics in discussion. 

Raquel K.

Academic Pillar

class of 2022

In high school, we believe that students need more than facts and figures to grow. They need values. Our curriculum is designed to educate and transform the whole student - spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. It is our desire to provide academic excellence while integrating a biblical worldview into every unit of study. 

The classroom environment echoes the same message. Our teachers take the time to mentor individuals. Students learn not only academics, but how to deliver assignments with integrity. They gain knowledge of the world, but with an understanding of how it fits into the story of God. The faculty and staff of CHS are not just meant to be a conduit through which information is delivered, but more importantly, they are the "living curriculum." All classes are taught by Christ-centered individuals who bring their faith and insight into the classroom.

We would be happy to talk with you about the academic programs here in high school and the college requirements and programs that interest your student! Our school is pleased to partner with multiple colleges for scholarships specific for our graduates. Learn more on our College and Careers page

College Credit (Dual Credit) Courses 

College/dual credit courses are offered through Missouri Baptist University and UMSL. MBU and UMSL credits have a fee in addition to the regular CHS tuition prices. Students must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA to be eligible to take these courses. You can find out more in our course catalog.  

AP Credit - Advanced Placement 

We also offer many Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Additional fees for testing apply in addition to tuition fees. 

Click here to view our Academic Catalog and learn more about the classes we offer. 

Biblical Foundation

We want every student in high school to know Jesus. Academics are important - and we are proud to offer classes that challenge our students to excel and prepare them well for college or career. Athletics and the Arts are two of our other pillars that we make sure students have the opportunity to explore and excel in. But ultimately, we want our graduates to leave with a foundation for life through biblical education.
When I first came to Christian School District, I was amazed by the warmth and affection received from the staff and students. The lunch ladies knew my name, our principal held the door open for us when we walked into school, and our teachers prayed over us before class began. The people at CHRISTIAN have never failed to show us what it means to serve our community. I remember our annual service day last year and how we all knew we were making a difference together. Year after year, I was drawn closer and closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the relationship I developed. I would say it is impossible not to experience God at our school. We were taught not just the Bible, but how to apply it to our lives. 

Mackenzie Stewart

Biblical foundation

class of 2022

At Christian High School, our academics, athletics, and arts all build on a biblical foundation. Every class connects concepts to biblical truths through the curriculum and class discussion. Students also build a strong foundation through daily Bible classes. In our high school Bible classes, students delve deeper into systematic theology, biblical theology, the early church, spiritual formation, and biblical worldview. Each year, students are challenged to make a relationship with Jesus their foundation for life. Students are challenged by biblical truths that are contrary to our culture today. To continue to build on that foundation, students at all levels memorize scripture weekly and are encouraged to give action to this scripture, not just memorize it. Classes in 9th and 10th grade are divided by gender to allow for deeper, more challenging discussion.  

Students also experience a weekly chapel that draws them into worship with music, teaching, prayer, and dramatic presentations. Chapel is valuable to all students, not just for the corporate worship aspect, but also for the unity of the body that is experienced weekly as students, faculty, and staff gather together in worship. Parents are welcome to join us each week as well!  

Through Bible classes, scripture memory, and worship, as well as connection to biblical truths in every subject, the students are equipped with the tools necessary to live for Christ in our world today and beyond. 

Parents are always welcome to join us for chapel on Wednesday mornings.
Christian High School is located in O’Fallon, Missouri.