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One of the many benefits of a private, Christian education is the individual attention each student receives. Our teachers really get to know your child, what works for them, and what doesn’t. In addition to being surrounded by like-minded peers, your child will know Jesus Christ through daily lessons, as a biblical worldview is fully integrated into our curriculum. 

At CHRISTIAN, we take a holistic, distinctively Christian approach to education. Our curriculum, culture, and community all support our biblical worldview and focus on making sure our students are prepared academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We'd love to give you a tour, answer questions, or you can fill out an application today.   

Elementary Academics

As a kindergarten parent, we have been so extremely blessed to have Mrs. Eaton as our daughter's teacher. She has been so patient and loves our daughter unconditionally. Harper, our daughter, loves going to school and learning about Jesus. With Mrs. Eaton's help, Harper has really blossomed in her reading, penmanship, and her understanding of science and math. She always feels happy and safe in her classroom. The size of the classrooms have played a role in what and how Harper has been able to learn this year as well. Harper is given attention as an individual and her needs are always met.

Jackie J.
Elementary Parent

We are privileged to offer an ACSI-acredited program developed to help your student flourish, with a staff whose heart is ultimately to point your kids to Jesus. 

Christ-Centered — Our primary focus is on a Christ-centered education in a safe environment. We have a solid program, proven by years of experience, which allows us to prepare our students for an adventure in our middle school and beyond. 

Classroom Models — Our Elementary uses a self-contained classroom format for the core subjects in kindergarten through 3rd grade, and 4th and 5th grades use a co-teacher and block schedule model to begin preparing for middle school. 

Enrichment Classes — Art, music, P.E., computer, library, and band are added throughout the week, which not only provides the students with the exposure to the arts, but also gives them opportunities to find and use their gifts. 

Curriculum — Our academic program has been designed around the needs of our students. We use a combination of several resources: ACSI, ABeka and  Bob Jones University. While our curriculum tends to be advanced, it is our goal as a school to provide an education that meets the needs of different learning styles. 

Standardized Testing — Achievement/standardized tests are given each spring. This data provides the school and family yearly markers of their student’s academic growth. 

Academic Competitions 

Spelling Bee — students compete in a classroom spelling bee in order to qualify for the area spelling bee with other ACSI schools. This regional competition allows our students the opportunity to compete in order to qualify for a spot in the national competition. 

Speech Meet — students in grades 1-5 memorize a speech each spring and present it in front of their class for a score. High-scoring students present at our spring Fine Arts Night. 

Extended Care

We understand families need options. Our Elementary operates on an 7:55am – 2:55 pm schedule, with early care (free of charge) starting at 7:00am. Extended care is offered until 5:30pm for an additional fee. 

Biblical Foundation

The spiritual development of our student body is the most important. CHRISTIAN  has always included the Bible as one of its core classes, but all our subject areas are taught from a biblical perspective. Spiritual development is also encouraged and reinforced through weekly Scripture memorization and in weekly chapel services. 

See the many benefits of a CHRISTIAN education firsthand. 

For more information, please contact our Admissions office at or (636) 978-1680 x1107

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