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At CSD we look for candidates who… 
Love God and others
  • People who recognize their own sinfulness and neediness of a Savior.
  • People who see others as sheep needing a Shepherd. 
Follow Jesus authentically and energetically 
  • People who have experienced the unconditional love of God and are not cynical. 
  • People who have experienced such forgiveness that they readily forgive others. 
Relate to others in a God-honoring manner 
  • People whose cups are full enough to handle challenges that may occur. 
  • People who are honest in admitting their own need for growth. 
Genuinely like kids and their parents 
  • People who assume the care of every student every time. 
  • People who remember that we are partnered with parents and the local church. 
Are team players 
  • People who desire to serve the whole school, not just their own class. 
  • People who do not grumble or complain. 
Are responsible 
  • People who perform routine tasks routinely, correctly, and well. 
  • People who clean up their own messes. 
Are good instructors and who like to teach 
  • People who know and love their subject matter and their students. 
  • People who remember what it was like "not to get it" and who are eager to help. 
Are committed to truth, wisdom, and virtue 
  • People who value, read, and submit to the Bible as God’s inspired and infallible Word. 
  • People who desire to know God and to make Him known by word and deed. 

Positions currently available at CSD:  


Non-Discriminatory Policy
Christian School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin in its hiring practices.