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High School

The theatre department at CHRISTIAN is run by Mrs. Stephanie Hartnell and it helps develop confident leadership skills through nurturing natural talent in theatre arts. Students will be equipped to use these talents as an avenue to spread the gospel in their community. 

The program consists of 9-12 grade drama, acting, and directing classes, and the theatre and speech competition team.  

Drama is a one-semester, introductory course. It is a survey of the theatre. Students will learn about theatre history, theatre production, and acting. This course is activity-based and requires no outside performance time.  

Acting trains students using various acting methods so students can improve stage movement/ presence, delivery/speaking skills, and improvisation skills. In addition, the class will explore the relationship between Christianity and the media, specifically the film industry.  

Independent Directing applies skills learned in previous acting classes to direct a one-act play. Throughout the semester, the director will explore different theatre genres, script analysis and leadership skills. Students will participate in drama productions presented outside the classroom. 

Middle School

We are pleased to introduce a new class offering for our Middle School students. This year will be our first Speech and Drama class option. This is a semester long course that will focus on speech for one quarter and drama for one quarter. 


5th Grade Performing Arts is a full year class that meets twice weekly and focuses on the basics of performing. These students act and have solo parts in the school’s Christmas production and perform during Fine Arts Night in the spring.  

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