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Learning Lab

Students who need extra support in their academic endeavors may receive assistance in one or more subject areas. We have dedicated staff to work with students on individual needs in a separate learning lab.  

A one semester or year experience in the Academic Learning Lab is an opportunity for focused study in an interactive study environment, involving students of various learning styles and types. A primary goal of this class is to educate students about different styles of learning while each student discovers and explores their own unique style. Included are organizational strategies that support the school experience, time management, note-taking ideas, test preparation, along with strategies designed to help students improve test scores. Students must meet certain qualifications to register for this class. Please contact our admissions office for more information. 

Working with families and teachers, Student Action Plans are created to help students be successful in the classroom. When students are in need of academic evaluations, CHRISTIAN partners with Fort Zumwalt School District and families to assist the evaluation process.

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