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The genuine desire of the faculty and staff is train up young men and young women to be Godly leaders in the community. I do not say this lightly either, we live in a society now that does not expect its youth to be young men and young women who work hard and act like adults. CHS daily expects and calls out adulthood in its students. We as a class are better prepared for our lives having had the opportunity to attend this school. 
There are countless times when lesson plans were put away for a class period to discuss what we talked about in chapel that day or to just have a conversation about what God was doing in our lives. It was in these moments that I learned and grew the most.  

Micah B

class of 2019

At Christian High School, our academics, athletics, and arts all build on a biblical foundation. Every class connects concepts to biblical truths through the curriculum and class discussion. Students also build a strong foundation through daily Bible classes. In our high school Bible classes, students delve deeper into systematic theology, biblical theology, the early church, spiritual formation, and biblical worldview. Each year, students are challenged to make a relationship with Jesus their foundation for life. Students are challenged with biblical truths that are contrary to our culture today. To continue to build on that foundation, students at all levels memorize scripture weekly and are encouraged to give action to this scripture, not just memorize it. Classes in 9th and 10th grade are divided by gender to allow for deeper, more challenging discussion.  

Students also experience a weekly chapel that draws them into worship with music, teaching, prayer, and dramatic presentations. Chapel is valuable to all of CHS not just for the corporate worship aspect, but also for the unity of the body that is experienced weekly as middle schoolers, high schoolers, faculty, and staff, gather together in worship. Parents are welcome to join us each week as well!  

Through Bible classes, scripture memory, and worship, as well as connection to biblical truths in every subject, the students are equipped with the tools necessary to live for Christ in our world today and beyond. 

High School Worship Band 

Each year, high school students have the opportunity to lead worship during our weekly chapels. Students for the worship band are chosen through an audition and application process that emphasizes a heart for worship along with musical skill. The band is student-driven with guidance from several teachers and focuses on song selection to include praise, worship, emotion, doctrine, exhortation, and more. This is a great opportunity for students to lead their peers, and it is amazing to see how God uses worship to impact our community.