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Sports Physicals

The Missouri State High School Activities Association has endorsed a digital standard for the pre-participation physical exam process, called Privit™.  The system facilitates the management of the pre-participation physical exam process and provides coaches, athletic trainers and medical personnel the information they need to react quickly to health situations. If you are unfamiliar with the process below are instructions for navigating Privit™. 

Having been blessed with the opportunity to attend this school since kindergarten, I have experienced Christ-centered competition for the majority of my life. Through the many wonderful coaches and teammates I have had the honor of working with, I have realized that, contrary to what the world tells us, sports are not primarily about winning, trophies, and success. Rather, they hold a much higher purpose of promoting unity, leadership, and growth. 

Luke M.

Scholar Athlete
class of 2019

At Christian High School, we believe that sports have intrinsic value. Sports are a part of God’s good design for the flourishing of His image bearers as they develop and delight in God’s creation. And so, we seek to have fun; to receive and enjoy the gift of sports. Furthermore, we believe sports have redemptive value; therefore, we aspire to use sports as a tool to shape the character of our student-athletes, aiding in their development as human beings. Our focus is not merely on the outcome (winning and losing) but more on the process, believing that more often than not, it will lead to a great outcome. 

Christian High School is a member of MSHSAA and the AAA Conference and participates in the following sports:


May 2022
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
JV Baseball @ Blanchette vs Duchesne
May 2, 2022 |04:30 PM - 06:30 PM -

entered 3/22/22

Girls Soccer @ CHS vs Fr Totlon
May 3, 2022 |06:00 PM - 07:45 PM -

entered 3/10/22

Girls Soccer @ Cardinal Ritter
May 5, 2022 |05:00 PM - 06:45 PM -

entered 3/10/22

Girls Soccer @ Villa Duchesne
May 10, 2022 |04:00 PM - 05:45 PM -

entered 2/11/22