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All the way back to preschool we have amazing stories of this school. When my son Jacob was in PreK, he had Mrs. Jones. I was in the middle of a HIGH risk pregnancy with my 3rd child. I was not supposed to live through the pregnancy and once I did, I was hospitalized for much of the second year he was in PreK. Soon, we noticed he was calling Mrs. Jones “mom.” Because of our school and the culture, I was able to share my life with his teacher, and I was incredibly MOVED and BLESSED with her many actions and stepping into the “mom” role when I could not. I never minded he called her “mom,” it filled me with peace and joy that I never had to worry about him. She was a picture of the Christian faith and walk with Christ. There was no request for her to adjust her life and take over for me, she just did it. And, every member of the staff and all volunteers exemplify this character of Christ in all that they do! 


Dede Thies 
CES, CMS, & CHS Parent


At Christian Preschool we help your child develop a spiritual awareness. Your child will be encouraged to develop a relationship with a loving God. Students will learn to navigate and understand Scripture and attend our weekly chapel service. 

We love integrating our preschool students with our elementary students when appropriate. Each preschooler is paired with a buddy from 5th grade to read with them and sit with them each week during chapel. 

Elementary School

Spiritual development of our student body is most important. Christian School District has always included Bible as one of its core classes, but all our subject areas are taught from a biblical perspective. Spiritual development is also encouraged and reinforced through weekly Scripture memorization and in weekly chapel services. 

Parents are always welcome to join us for chapel on Thursday mornings. Students love sharing this time with their parents — particularly if their class is leading the chapel service.