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Preschool Academics

“Upon switching to Christian Preschool, we immediately noticed positive changes in our 5-year-old. Not only is the sense of community amazing, but she feels truly welcome and celebrated when she walks in the doors. What sticks out was her first progress report. In the public preschool, the teachers really focused on the negative. One actually said, “I don’t want to say ADD yet buuuuttt...” This was when she was FOUR! She was actually just bored. Our first progress report from Mrs. Dillon was the opposite. I could tell she was more than a number or an issue to be handled. She saw the good in her as well as giving areas to work on. B was celebrated instead of handled.” 

Lauren T. 
Preschool Parent 

Our preschool program not only helps your child prepare for kindergarten, but also gives them a biblical foundation. Here are some important things we focus on in preschool:

Social and Emotional Development — Students will develop a sense of self and learn responsibility for their actions. An emphasis is placed on learning social behavior skills by learning through play, collaboration, and service to others before oneself. Respect and manners for peers and adults are taught and practiced throughout each classroom. 

Physical Development — Children will work to refine gross motor development for coordination and movement ability. Fine motor skills are practiced to promote writing and the manipulation of intricate materials. 

Cognitive Development — Students will develop logical and critical thinking along with problem-solving skills. Children will learn to think using representation and symbolism.  

Language Development — Students will use and develop the skills of listening, speaking, and beginning to read and write. These are essential skills for interpersonal communication.