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This year we are hosting our 3rd ANNUAL Color Run. With updated prizes and giveaways we know all of the students are going to be excited to participate! Each student must raise $30 to participate in the run. Follow this link to search for a student to donate to their fund. Learn more about prizes and giveaways here.


With the funds raised from last year we supported our CHS athletics with new team shirts and jackets. Our CMS and CES athletics received updated basketball uniforms and fees were covered/reduced for our families. We look forward to supporting our Athletics/Activities in new and exciting ways again this year!

Want to volunteer to help?

We need volunteers to toss rainbows of color on our students. We promise this will be the most fun time volunteering! Sign up here.

Post Race

We love color. You love color. We all love color. But sadly, the color is designed to wash out. To keep you looking fresh, we have compiled a few helpful guidelines.

Car interiors, camera straps, purses… Our color is wild and free at the event. To keep your gear clean, remember the following:

• Blowing, shaking, vacuuming, or dusting off your gear before washing it is best. Put some gusto in it!
• After removing as much excess powder as possible, spot clean as needed.
• Some gear may take more time and effort to get back to normal. Best practice is to not bring anything you are too worried about having lingering color.

Generally, your clothes will return to their pre-color-loving state. We do have a few tips to help as you clean them:

• After the event, dust and shake off as much color as possible.
• Rinse your colorful clothes in cold water before running a wash cycle- and then wash as you normally would.
• Don’t wear your brand-new suede boots. Save those for the after party.
• If color is still holding on, wash it all again!

Some hair types just love our color a little more than others. The good news? We have yet to hear of anyone suddenly having permanently pink hair after our event. It will come out! Here are a few tips for keeping your hair color free:

• Treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner before the event- especially on the ends for highlighted or bleached hair.
• Consider a hat or bandana.
• After the event, dust off any loose powder before hopping in the shower.
• Wash your hair a few times, if necessary.
• If any color still sticks, repeat!