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The purpose of the Christian School District Board is to provide earthly and spiritual leadership for CSD, representing the families committed to the mission and vision of our school. 

The board meets on a monthly basis on Friday mornings with the Executive Director.  Every other month they include the Academic Leadership Team to give reports in their respective oversight areas. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, or have a question for the board, please send your request to

Brian Ayres - Board Chairman 

Brian Ayres is married to Sherri.  They have five children, Amanda ('17), Andrew ('18), Alyssa ('21), Aaron ('23), and Asher ('26).  Brian joined Tarkett Commercial Flooring as a regional representative in 2002.  He joined the CSD Board in 2012 and currently serves as the Board Chairman and is on the Executive Committee. 


Kevin Corwin – Vice Chair 

Kevin Corwin joined the board in 2013 where he has served in the areas of Governance and board leadership as Vice-Chair. Kevin has also served as an assistant track coach at CHS. He is married to Holly and they have three daughters, Emma (’19), Ava (’22), and Ella (’24). Kevin owns and operates an engineering and management consulting firm. 


Lisa Potts – Pillars Chair 

Lisa Potts has two sons, Will (’26) and Nathan, who lives and works in northern Illinois.  She and Brent have been married for over 30 years. Lisa is an Assistant Professor at Washington University School of Medicine where she works with cochlear implant recipients and teaches graduate courses. She has been on the board since 2017. She serves in the area of Academics and is on the Executive Committee. 


Neil Wieschhaus – Financial Chair 

Neal Wieschhaus is married to Janiece.  They have two daughters and one son, Charis ('16), Rebekah (’20), and Joshua (’21). Neal is a Site Selection Consultant and serves on the board Executive Committee as the Treasurer. 

Ron Beckner 

Ron Beckner has served on the Board since August of 2018, after a forty-year career serving as an Associate Pastor. Ron and his wife Barb have two children, Parker (’16) and Kaitlyn (’20). Ron serves as the Board representative to our Athletic Department. 


Doug Brackenridge 

Doug Brackenridge is married to Tammy. They have three children, Abby (’20), Nathan (’22) and Andrew (’24).  Doug has been employed in research and development with an agriculture company in the Saint Louis region for over 20 years.  He serves on the board in the area of Governance. 


John Hooker 

John Hooker is happily married to Katie. They have four children; Sam (’14), Jack (’16), Eli (’18) and Julia (’21).  John is the owner of JHOOKER Construction and has served on the board since 2012. 

Derrik Kassebaum 

Derrik Kassebaum is married to Laura.  They have two daughters, Elise (’17) and Raquel (’22). Derrik has been part owner of a local manufacturing company since 1994 and serves on the board in the area of Marketing and Advancement. 


Donovan Lloyd 

Donovan Lloyd is married to Lawayna. They have two sons, Donovan B. Lloyd II (’20) and Daniel Brock Lloyd (’21). Donovan has served in youth ministry for over seventeen years and has a passion for apologetics. He serves on the board in the area of Biblical Foundations/Diversity.  

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